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meet deunta

Meet Deunta! Deunta is 4 years old and is very happy and playful. At 2 weeks old, doctors found that Deunta had sickle cell disease, which causes deformities in red blood cells and can cause anemia.

Luckily, Deunta was quickly referred to St. Jude, where doctors have been doing research to come up with a cure for sickle cell disease. The full article on St. Jude's website says: "St. Jude has taken a major step in its large sickle cell program by expanding the research focus beyond treating symptoms to seeking a cure. The hospital is conducting a high-tech study called the Sickle Cell Clinical Research and Intervention Program, geared toward better understanding how sickle cell disease progresses over time and providing valuable health screenings for patients into adulthood."

Today, Deunta returns to St. Jude to receive medicine and mild treatment, and he is doing much better these days. His family will never have to worry about paying his medical bills because of donors like you. Help St. Jude put an end to childhood cancer and help kids like Deunta by donating.

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